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There are 85 breeds, such as the Dalmatian, that are known to commonly suffer from genetic deafness. Breeders are working hard at eradicating the genetic trait. However, it does still happen on occasion. Deaf dogs are a challenge but they can make a phenomenal pet. If you own a deaf dog, then you might want to name your pooch after the disability because in many canines it is actually a strength. If you are an owner who is deaf then you may want to focus on bestowing a moniker on your pooch that denotes a famous service dog or inspiring person who helped the deaf.

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Deaf Dog Name Considerations

Many owners have opted to adopt a handicap pooch that suffers from deafness. Undoubtedly, those brave owners have their hands full with their beloved canines who are hearing impaired. However, with proper love and training, any dog can excel at being a companion and best friend in a family situation. Any owner who opts to open their home and their heart to a handicapped dog should be applauded. It is no easy task but the rewards are undeniable.

Estimates vary, but up to 30 percent of all Dalmatians are born with either partial or complete deafness. Genetic deafness appears to be deeply tied to a recessive mutation. That mutation is not only responsible for deafness but also merle and piebald coloring in certain dog breeds. Dogs can also lose their hearing from old age, chronic ear infections, or injury to the ear, although such occurrences are rare. 

Deaf dogs are just as capable as dogs who can hear. They just require different training tricks. Communication with a deaf dog is challenging. Typically, such a dog readily starts to grasp sign language in an attempt to coexist and share with their human companion. Some owners also opt to use a flashlight or some other form of light to get the dog's attention. Vibrating collar attachments have also been designed that can be easily used with a deaf dog. 

Ultimately, the cause of your dog's deafness is unfortunate but if you have opted to spend your life with your four-legged buddy then you will learn to deal with the situation. You might even want to give the beloved dog a moniker that denotes his handicap because it is a characteristic that truly sets him apart from other dogs, so why not rejoice in it and not hide the condition away.

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