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How cute is that new puppy!  Don't you just stand in awe of their cuteness?  To make my point, I suggest you look at that new pup sitting in your lap.  Overall, they are a work in progress, with their little bodies not proportionate with their feet, for example; or, the size of their heads sometimes being too large for their little growing bodies; or, how about those ears!  Have you noticed how some breeds of canines have ears that just won't quit while others have such tiny ones?  Let's talk about naming a pup with these physical features.

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Dog Name Meaning Big Ears Considerations

Have you seen puppies whose ears are totally out of proportion with their little bodies?  Those ears can be too large for their head and bodies or they can be too small appearing; and, for some cuddly canines, even getting in the way of the pup's activities  as they mature.  While both of these scenarios are generally out of proportion to the finished product, oftentimes, those ears remain prominent throughout their lifetimes, never really catching up with the growth of the rest of the body. Many pet owners  opt for names for their pets which are pretty generic and middle of the road because choosing a name is not considered a top priority or a task which they don't wish to tackle.  While it is very true that there are hundreds of thousands of names which exist with which you can label your cuddly canine, the task can be reduced to a more manageable level with a plan.  Many pet parents utilize the pet's breed, gender, coat color, coat texture or some endearing behavior or personality trait to get clues for names.  Other pet parents use the alphabet to generate name clues.  Wag! wants to help you in this task.  May we suggest using physical traits for those clues?  May we suggest considering dog names meaning 'big ears'?  You might also wish to consider some synonyms for 'big ears', like floppy, elfin-like, fairy-like or pointy.
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