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When it comes time to choose a name for your dog, it may seem almost impossible to find the right one. Most people want to find a unique and clever name for their dog, one that captures their personality and spirit best. If you have a dog who, from even the youngest age, has seemed one step ahead of the others and regal to a "t", you may be on the hunt for a name that means "princess" or "prince". To be royalty is no joke and some dogs accept such a role and responsibility with full seriousness, although in reality they are not actually royal. These noble creatures know how to be sophisticated and lovely, while also enjoying a bit of good romping fun now and again. Even if your dog does not actually behave like a princess or prince, you may see them as one! Because of that, really all dogs deserve to bear the perfect name that means "princess" or "prince".

Dog Name Meaning Princess or Prince in Pop Culture

Dog Names Meaning Princess or Prince Considerations

Royals have quite the challenge ahead of them when it comes time for them to choose a moniker for their new little prince or princess. Tradition plays a large role when picking a name, but because we are now part of the modern century, difficult (and somewhat stuffy names) are not as accepted as they once were. Thus, royal moms and dads must choose a title that fits their child perfectly, while also being accessible to all those who will hear and use the name.

Although picking a name for a dog may not have quite as much responsibility and weight lying on it, there is still a good bit of pressure to find the perfect name; it is one that will be used for your dog's entire life after all. Thankfully, there is a lot more accessibility to names that mean prince and princess, as you can choose one from any country if you'd like! For instance, "Creon" is a unique name that means prince in Greece. It is short, easy to say, and still has a very noble feeling to it without being to heavy or haughty. An example of a lovely female name that means princess, we can use "Dijana". This is a Slovakian name that has a strong sound, yet feminine and lovely all at the same time. Both of these monikers are perfect examples of a direction you can take for the regal dog in your life. 

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