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Maybe you recently rescued, adopted, or purchased the runt of a litter. They’re so absolutely adorable and wonderfully needy. They love to cuddle, and their sweet whimpers remind you of just how tiny they are. Runts can be so appreciative. It’s almost as if they understand they are unique and require help sometimes. They look to you for guidance and confidence. Further, they remind us that even when others underestimate us or try to cast us out, we still matter and can deliver joy to those around us. So, cheers for your itty-bitty fur baby. They deserve a name that communicates all the delight and wonder they bring into your life.

Runt Dog Names in Pop Culture

Runt Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a runt's name comes with a responsibility. It almost seems like nature itself is somewhat against this little, tender creature, so you’ve got to find the title that expresses how much they’re loved and cherished. Spend some time chatting with your friends and family about small things in general. Consider how powerful tiny objects can be. Just because something is microscopic even, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a very significant purpose. You might land a name simply by discussing this topic. For example, without reading the list below, you might mention “Atom,” “Button,” and “Penny.”

Some people enjoy being ironic, so here’s your chance if that's you. You’ve got a runt on your hands, so what better way to draw a laugh than by naming them “Hercules,” “Maximus,” or “Rocky?” On the other hand, you may prefer something as dainty as they are like “Cheerio,” “Teacup,” or “Pixie.” If you’re outdoorsy and your little baby loves the outdoors, too, try “Dandelion,” “Tadpole,” “Boots,” or “Sandy.” We hope the following name guide gets your little wheels a' turning. Try a few of these names on. Even though your doggo is a bitty boo, one of these monikers is sure to fit!

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