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Isn't that new puppy just the cutest little thing!  So, you've just gotten your first puppy and, perhaps it's the first one in your life or at least in your adult life.  In either case, the next task, or maybe the one right after you begin the house training routine, is to give the new pup an appropriate name.  When it comes to naming that precious pup, if you're not too picky about the name matching the personality of your pup, then the task will be significantly easier for you.  This is, however, a task which historically has caused some stress for those individuals who feel that their precious pups deserve a distinctive name.  But, fear not!  We are here to help individuals with this task, regardless of in which camp you reside. May we suggest, in this new "dawn" of your adult or family life, utilizing some of the suggestions in this guide to choose the name of your first pup?

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Dog Name Meaning First Born Considerations

Is this your first puppy...essentially your "first borncanine?  Thinking about your pup being a "first born" may seem strange since that term is generally applied to children not canines.  Family pets are truly furry family members and many animal and pet lovers treat them as such.  Accordingly, great care is taken in the selection of the moniker with which the pet will be addressed for life, just as one would expect in the naming of their children, especially the first born.  Another way to look at it could be to consider this new pup a new "dawn" in your life, the puppy having the ability to bring brightness and new beginnings to your life just as the "dawn" brings sunshine and brightness to each and every day.  

Think about the fun and enrichment which can be realized by the loving, loyal companionship for which canines are uniquely suited.  Think about those bright eyes, gazing expectantly at you when you first open your eyes in the morning; or, how about the enthusiasm demonstrated when you're met at the door after a long and stressful day at work; or, the feeling you get when your precious pup curls up in your lap or alongside you while you watch TV.  The unconditional love displayed by your canine companion can truly bring a "dawn" of bright sunshine into the life of any human being.  The naming of the first born canine in your life is an especially important matter.  Let's look at some names which mean "first born" and "dawn", in the hopes that one will stand out or spark your imagination.

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German Shepherd
Santa Cruz, CA
Playful, Adventuous

I found him as a pup at the street and from that day on we became best friends.

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