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In the grand scheme, dogs and motorcycles have a lot in common. They both growl and grumble, they’re both reliable as long as you treat them well, and they can both be the only companion you need on an adventure. Some are built for speed while others are built for comfort. Some have a commanding figure while others are trim and simple. Some have big, booming pipes while others are nearly silent. There are tons of traits they can share from the way they look to the way they act, and because of it, make perfect fodder for cross-naming that will leave them both paying tribute to one another with no lack of respect to either party.

Motorcycle Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Motorcycle Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are numerous ways you can go about giving your dog an appropriate motorcycle inspired name, but we’ve got a few suggestions of how to make the process easier. First, make a list of your dog’s most obvious traits, such as their looks, origin, personality and quirks. As you run through our list (or come up with some of your own), see which names or ideas jump out the most or most consistently. 

One of the easiest ways to go is to match them up with a bike of a similar origin. For instance, if you have an Italian breed such as a Greyhound or Cane Corso, you could name them Ducati, Gilera, Aprilia or Bimota after Italian manufacturers. 

You could work on size or build as well. Many Harley Davidsons are known to be robust, commanding figures, so if you have a Dogue de Bordeaux or Great Dane, giving them the names Harley, Davidson, Hydra or Hog would be perfectly suitable. The same works in reverse. If you have a trim dog like a Doberman or a Pharaoh, Africa or Ninja would work just as well. 

Feel free to get as creative as you like. If your dog’s growl or bark reminds you of your favorite bike or one of a specific type, roll with a name inspired by that idea. If they tend to rear up like a motorcycle with an overpowered engine, find a bike name that represents the same. There’s no limit to what you can come up with, so rev up your brain and kick it into gear!

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