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The Porcelaine is a powerful, energetic (and absolutely gorgeous!) hunting dog that originated in France. The French region which borders Switzerland, known as Franche-Comte, inspires this dog breed's alternate name. This particular dog breed is believed to be the matriarch of scent hounds, and is often used by the French for hunting. The Porcelaine is also an amazing, comforting house dog for those who choose not to hunt.  This type of hound almost has the face and ears of a Basset Hound, and the body of an English Pointer. This dog has a gorgeous milky-white color, yet almost looks very pale blue from a distance. Their white silky coat is combined with a light to tannish brown, with the tan being found especially near the eyes and on the ears. 

As gentle as this French hound is, this breed is an avid hunter and is very active. The Porcelaine needs lots of exercise. As beautiful as this hound is, there are many names, both male and female, that are quite suitable!

Porcelaine Dog Names in Pop Culture

Porcelaine Dog Names

The Porcelaine is a very unique-looking dog, and many owners not only rely on the sheer beauty of this gem, but also the personality. Since their very shiny coat resembles that of porcelain, many people that adopt or raise Porcelaines come up with very creative names that have a theme of beauty for the girls and, for the boys, names that are more masculine and fierce. This breed has the ideal mixture of fierceness and beauty.

Many other gorgeous dog breeds come from France, such as the Basset Hound, Brittany, Bloodhound, French Mastiff, and French Bulldog. They are highly-regarded sporting and working dogs, and like the Porcelaine, are easy on the eyes as well! 

Dogs that are simply gorgeous with unique characteristics, such as the Porcelaine, make name-giving a real treat, and there are many to choose from. The fact that this dog's home country is France can almost guarantee the new owners will settle on the perfect native name, or a name that symbolizes the grace and elegance of their new companion!

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