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The Afghan Hound is believed to be one of the most ancient domestic dog breeds, with records showing its existence as far back as 4000 BC. Playfully referred to as “Affie”, its thick, flowing coat is its most distinct feature. Apart from being the breed’s crowning glory, the coat also helps protect Affies from the cold weather conditions in the mountainous areas where they usually work. While the Afghan Hound might seem a bit aloof, it eventually shows its wacky side, providing lots of amusement to its human companions. Do not be fooled by its glamorous look though, because the Affie is a hunter through and through. Hence, owners of the breed would benefit from letting the dog play outdoors. The Afghan Hound has the perfect personality mix of shyness, independence and humor, making it a great pet to have in your home.

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Afghan Hound Dog Name Considerations

The ancient Afghan Hound breed is one of a kind and rightfully deserves a name that shows how special it is. The physical attributes of the Affie leave a lot of room for name ideas. The most noticeable feature of the breed is its long, flowing coat. Many Affie owners elect to name their dogs after their epic coat. One good example for a name is “Silky”, which is an homage to the dog’s fur that resembles silk. You may also focus on the coat color of your Affie, which may come in black, cream or red. Likewise, you can use the disposition of your dog as an inspiration for a name. For instance, you can call your Affie “Hunter”, referring to the breed’s hunting skills.

To take things up a notch, you may opt to give your new pooch a name according to its country of origin. As its name suggests, the breed came from the country of Afghanistan. Hence, a sensible move would be to choose a meaningful Afghan name or any other name that is reminiscent of the Afghan culture. This also helps retain the novelty of the breed. For instance, you can give the name “Imam”, which means “leader”, to your new Afghan Hound.

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