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Why do some people purchase a dog? They may do so for companionship, or for a lap dog, if you will. Others want a dog that will accompany them in the Great Outdoors, on long walks, or on the beach. Very active individuals may often seek out a high-energy pup to enjoy as they encounter life's adventures. Every energetic dog needs an energetic name to match their personality! Often, energetic dogs need both physical and mental stimulation in order to burn off that ever-present energy. These dogs are not meant to stay inside on the couch; they are meant to find adventure!

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What dogs are considered the most energetic? A recent survey listed at least ten breeds thought to be the most active. Some breeds on the list are rather surprising; the Siberian Husky is known for their strength and stamina. However, few realize that the Husky is also quite playful and active as well. His overactive energy level can lead to mischievous antics, so it is always a must to give this breed plenty of play! 

Another surprisingly energetic dog is the Weimaraner. In addition to being quick, brave, and extremely smart, the Weimaraner loves to hunt. In fact, kept inside - even inside a fenced-in area - for too long, the Weimaraner becomes sulky and unhappy. He loves to accompany his owners anywhere and everywhere. Two other primarily hunting breeds are just as high-energy as the Weimaraner. The Pointer requires daily exercise, and, left to their own devices, the Pointer will chase small game in an effort to burn off some of that energy. The English Springer Spaniel is much the same, finding mischief when not properly exercised. 

Other breeds are known for their high levels of energy. The Jack Russell Terrier (think My Dog Skip) is always on the go, can jump tall fences, and loves to find adventure. The Miniature Pinscher (or Min Pin) is also ready for any adventure. Certainly, each of the aforementioned breeds deserves a name which depicts their energy levels! 

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