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Moana is one of the best modern Disney movies and should definitely be celebrated. Why not give your dog a Moana name?! With many far from normal choices, a name inspired by Moana is sure to turn heads, especially your dog's! From creative Polynesian names like Te Fiti to simpler choices that have links to the movie (Jordan, for example), you are bound to find a great name for your pup. So all Moana lovers out there, take a look at this great list of perfect dog names to remind you of your favorite movie!

Moana Dog Names In Pop Culture

Moana Dog Name Considerations

The first thing we would suggest considering when choosing a name inspired by Moana would be if you do, in fact, love the movie! After all, you do not want to give your dog, one of the most important beings in your life, a name from a movie that you do not particularly like. So before you go any further, go watch Moana once more and decide if it is worth naming your pup after!

Another thing to consider is if your dog would be a good fit for a Polynesian, ocean themed name as many of the Moana names fit this bill. As a movie that takes place mainly on the water with mystical creatures and a mythological plot line, this type of essence needs to also be within your dog. You don’t want to have a dog that hates water be named Drua which is a type of boat in Moana.

We would also like to point out one thing you should consider when choosing a name from Moana and that is, can you say the name? Many phrases and names in Moana can be a little tricky especially if you are repeatedly saying it as you will be when you call your dog. Practice saying the name several times before settling for a Moana name!

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