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The Yorkshire Terrier, or "Yorkie," is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States today. Generally a very small dog, the Yorkie has been a companion to children, older seniors living alone, and young singles just starting out in life. Most who own a Yorkie treasure the tiny pooch. Certainly, the Yorkie is entertaining, affectionate, cuddly, and adventurous. Although he is tiny, he is generally fearless. He has the lively spirit of a terrier, but he also enjoys time spent on the couch with his family. He often forgets just how small he is; he is a wonderful watch dog even though he is never intimidating to a would-be intruder. Naming your Yorkie will most often be centered on his lovely charm!

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Yorkshire Terrier Dog Name Considerations

The Yorkie is often as individual as his owner. Some experts believe the Yorkie's behavior is partially the responsibility of the owner; others believe that a Yorkshire Terrier has a personality all his own. Still others will choose a name for their Yorkshire Terrier that is really a reflection of the owner. The Yorkshire Terrier is generally affectionate. He loves to spend time with his family. He enjoys cuddling, and many owners take pride in dressing their pooches in cute clothing and with bows in their hair. This type of Yorkie you might expect to have a name worthy of a diva, such as Alexis, Armani, or Bentley. A Yorkie is also often quite fearless, a characteristic of many terriers. A courageous pup might carry an ironic name such as Thor, Zeus, or Bear. This name is not noting his diminutive size, but the huge heart of the Yorkie. Speaking of his small size, the Yorkie may be saddled with names such as Tiny, Tater Tot, or Squirt as a nod to his size. Keep in mind that there are also Toy Yorkshire Terriers - those weighing less than five pounds. A name like Cricket or Ladybug might fit the toy-sized variation of the Yorkie.
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