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Adding a new four-legged friend to your family is an exciting adventure that begins with choosing the perfect name. Your Pit Bull puppy needs a name that reflects his or her personality and that you will be comfortable using for the next several years. These loving, protective dogs make excellent family pets, and they have becoming increasingly popular in American homes. Trying to come up with a unique name isn’t always easy, but there are several great options that are perfectly suited to a Pit Bull’s personality and appearance. Keep reading to discover a few ideas for pit bull terrier dog names to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Pit Bull Terrier Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pit Bull Terrier Dog Name Considerations

When naming your Pit Bull Terrier, there are several important things to keep in mind. In many ways, naming your four-legged kids is much like naming your two-legged children. The name you choose will stick with your pet for all the years of his life, and it’s the name you will have to call out the door when trying to get your pet’s attention. It’s also the name you will have to provide to your veterinarian, so be mindful not to choose something embarrassing.

Think about your Pit Bull’s personality. Many traits can be used to come up with unique names. You may also want to consider common Pit Bull characteristics, like strength, courage and loyalty. Pitties come in several colors and often have unique markings. Perhaps yours has a heart-shaped spot or even a circle around his eye like the famous Petey. Your pet’s colors or markings could help you come up with a name that’s a perfect match. Don’t limit yourself to just “dog” names; there are many “human” names that are perfect for our four-legged family members! From classics like Max to more modern names like Dillon, there are several options that could be a great fit for your Pit Bull Terrier. 

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Community Dogs with Pit Bull Terrier Names

Dixie's name story for Pit Bull Terrier Dog Names
Pit Bull
Toccoa, GA

Just came up with it after days of thinking of something sounding sweet and girly

Ginger's name story for Pit Bull Terrier Dog Names
Pit Bull
Granville South, OH

We rescued her from a Pound in Indiana when she was 3 months old, she looked just like a Gingersnap so we named her Ginger

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