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If you have recently adopted a pet or a brand new puppy, you will find that a name is very important. Many names are out there in our world that end in "ess", such as Guinness and Tess, and many names ending in "ess" are used for both girls and boys. There are many well-known words ending in "ess", such as Chess and Janess, and many of them are popular worldwide. 

No matter what name you choose, it will be ideal for your new family member. More than likely you will be focusing on many characteristics of your new dog, such as personality, appearance, and breed.

Dog Names Ending in 'ess' in Pop Culture

Dog Name Ending in 'ess' Considerations

If you have decided to either adopt a rescue or a puppy, it is time to decide on the perfect name! When thinking about a name for a male or a female, you may consider a name that ends in "ess". A name ending in "ess" has a beautiful "ring" to it. The sound of "ess" is the ideal final syllable that goes with any name and is perfect for a middle name.  It can be used in a name that is one syllable as well as a multi-syllable name.

Names like Guiness or Prinecess are timeless classics, and Tess and Chess are trendy. Fortunately there are many names for males and females that end in these three letters, and when you choose one you will be confident that you chose the absolute best name for your new family member.

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