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The Otterhound is a large dog breed known for its rough coat, webbed feet and impressive swimming and hunting skills. The breed originated from England and was specially developed to hunt for otters, which is how it got its name. It is an all-terrain, athletic dog with a keen sense of smell and agility like no other. However, Otterhounds can also be extremely affectionate and playful with their family, often referred to as a “clown” because of its antics. Because of its many lovable qualities, the Otterhound is protected in its home country of England and is mostly used as a house pet, show dog or family companion.

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Otterhound Dog Name Considerations

Owning an Otterhound can be an exciting prospect, especially given its rare status. In fact, approximately only seven to ten litters of Otterhounds are born every year in North America. Moreover, only an estimated 500 Otterhounds currently exist in the United States. Thus, it is somewhat a privilege to own one. Having said that, it would be fitting to come up with a name that is as special and unique as the breed.

The physical features of the Otterhound are a good source of name inspiration. They have distinct features such as their webbed feet and shaggy, waterproof coat. They also have certain skills not that all dogs have such as an innate ability to swim and extreme athletic capacities. The coat of the Otterhound also comes in different colors, such as black, grey, and other color mixtures. All of these can be used to come up with a name for your pooch. Apart from the physical attributes, you may also focus on your dog’s individual personality and behavior.

One other thing to note is the breed’s native country. Since the Otterhound was first bred in England, an English name would go well with your dog. You can also take any English cultural references and use it to think of a name for your new pup. 

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