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One of the most iconic Disney movies is the classic The Fox and the Hound. The Fox and the Hound tells the tale of Tod the fox and Copper the hound dog. When Tod and Copper are younger, they are fast friends. This occurs, of course, before they know what is expected of them as a fox and a hound. This is brought about by their owners, who teach the two young friends that they are supposedly meant to be enemies. The classic cartoon depicts the fact that young ones are not built with prejudices - hatred is a learned behavior.

The Fox and the Hound Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Fox and the Hound Dog Name Considerations

Certainly, when considering the beloved Disney film The Fox and the Hound, one cannot deny that any hound dog breed is suitable for a name inspired by the classic film. This would include any type of hound from the typical hunters such as the Beagle, the Coonhound, and the Black and Tan Hound all the way to more unlikely hounds such as the Afghan Hound, the Basenji, and Borzoi. Of course, one very unsuspecting breed - but a hound nevertheless - is the Dachshund, who is often called the Badger Hound. The Dachshund was bred as a scent hound with short, powerful legs just right for digging his prey out of its burrows. 

One particular dog breed that would almost deserve a name inspired by Disney's The Fox and the Hound  is the American Foxhound. Ironically enough, Copper is a Coonhound. Therefore, since Tod is a fox, giving an American Foxhound a name inspired by the iconic film certainly seems appropriate. 

Other notable hounds that would be suitable for a name inspired include the Bloodhound, the Plott Hound, and the Treeing Walker Coonhound. All of these dogs are considered great hunters, particularly in the American South (which is the setting of the film). 

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