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Are you a history buff or do you enjoy anything military? If so, then you might want to bestow a moniker on your beloved dog or puppy that shows your interests. During WWI, there were numerous canines that served on all fronts. You should consider naming your pooch after one of the war heroes or some other name that is closely related to the era. We've compiled an informative list that just may give you the title you seek.

WWI Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

WWI Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The important role of canines on the battlefield during World War I is undeniable. Millions of animals such as dogs and horses were used to assist soldiers on the front lines in a variety of capacities. Canines commonly lived alongside soldiers in the trenches. They fought beside their comrades and served as couriers. Dogs became known as fearless fighters who were extremely loyal to their owners.

During World War I, the most common breeds used on the battlefield were German Shepherds and Dobermans. However, other medium sized breeds were also frequently utilized. Consider your dog's breed and you may find that a WWI name is just the fit.

One of the most common uses for canines during the war were as casualty dogs. Casualty dogs sought out the wounded on the battlefield. The dogs were equipped with pouches that they carried on their backs. They would venture out to the wounded, often under extreme fire, to deliver medications and supplies so a wounded warrior could treat his pain or staunch the flow of blood from his wound until his human comrades could assist him. The canine would often stay beside the wounded soldier all the way until he breathed his last breath. The dog provided comfort and companionship during the person’s last minutes of life.

Sentry dogs were indispensable during the war. They would automatically alert soldiers to any approaching enemies or strange noises. Their sense of smell and ability to hear far surpasses that of humans so the role of sentry dog was critical. Small dogs were even carried as mascots by pilots in their planes. It is believed that the fearless little dogs served a valuable purposes by lifting morale for the soldiers who were often sent into very dangerous and often fatal situations. If your dog is the affectionate type, or brings you comfort daily, consider a WWI name to honor their personality.

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