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Arkansas is generally known for being the home of former president Bill Clinton, and of Sam Walton (the businessman who founded Walmart). Arkansas is a Southern gem. The state is home to 102 precious minerals. Diamonds have been discovered within the Arkansas borders. In fact, the only active diamond mine located in the United States calls Arkansas home. The Watermelon Capital of the World is located in Hope, Arkansas (also Bill Clinton's birthplace). Arkansas is also home to many natural hot springs (some of which were so well-known for their therapeutic value that celebrities such as Babe Ruth and President Franklin Roosevelt sought their healing powers) and a portion of the beautiful Ozark Mountain range lies within the borders of Arkansas.

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Arkansas Dog Name Considerations

Arkansas is nicknamed "The Natural State." In addition, it is home to a number of authors, athletes, and actors known worldwide. Tourists visit Arkansas annually to enjoy the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains. Because Arkansas is not home to a professional football team, many Arkansas natives enthusiastically follow the University of Arkansas Razorback team. Each of these facts can contribute to a dog name inspired by the state of Arkansas. 

Arkansas natives and visitors alike partake in the unique attractions that The Natural State has to offer. The Ouachita Mountains located in western Arkansas is home to a rich quartz deposit. Much of the eastern portion of Arkansas is bordered by the Mississippi River. In addition, the Arkansas River feeds into the Mighty Mississippi. The state has a rich Native American history as well. 

Many Southern states have some oddly-named towns, but Arkansas wins this distinction easily. With names such as Smackover, Hog Eye, Romance, and Greasy Corner, the state of Arkansas provides anyone wishing to give their pup an Arkansas-inspired name the ability to do so with originality. 

Like other Southern states, Arkansas natives enjoy the outdoors, particularly fishing and hunting. Hound dogs and Labrador Retrievers will find an Arkansas-inspired name particularly fitting. 

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