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The television show, “Elementary,” is a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes story. Sherlock is actually a recovering addict who moves to New York from London and helps the New York City Police solve crimes. He meets Watson, who is actually Dr. Joan Watson, a former surgeon hired by Sherlock’s father to keep Sherlock from going back on drugs. They eventually become friends and start working on criminal cases together. “Elementary” premiered on September 27, 2012, and is still on the air but 2019 will be its final season. There is no dog in the show, but there are plenty of pawesome names you can use in the character and actors list.

Elementary Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Elementary Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you’re planning to bring home a new canine kid anytime soon, you know that there are a lot of things you will need to get for your new poochie. For example, your pupster will need some yummy kibble and treats, fun doggy toys to play with, a collar and leash for those long walks, a cozy doggy bed to cuddle in, chewy bones to keep your pup’s teeth healthy, and a veterinary professional to keep the rest of their body healthy. You also need to pick the perfect name for your new doggo. 

To figure out the best title for your new furry family member, you should spend some time watching them and see if you can pick up on some habits or quirks they may have. For example, if you have a doggo who likes to be in charge, the names Captain, Sergeant, or Officer would be terrific. Sherlock would be excellent for the nosy pup who is always checking things out. Partner would be cute for the Velcro dog that sticks to you like…Velcro. Similarly, if you have a blue dog like a Blue Heeler, the name Blue would be pawfect, and Fuzz is a great title for a furry pooch. 

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Community Dogs With Elementary Inspired Names

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