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If you love Shadowhunters and are thinking about getting, or have recently acquired a new pooch, what could be better than naming your dog with inspiration from this hugely successful, mythical and magical fantasy book series, TV show, and movie?  Whether you like Shadowhunters characters, mundanes, or downworlders, this guide has thought of everything to help you come up with a Shadowhunters inspired name for your new family member.  That’s right, read on, because we’ve done the work for you and we've constructed a list of our top 60 male and female names, with a Shadowhunters spin. 

Shadowhunters Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Shadowhunters Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Shadowhunters provides us with lots of inspiration because within the book, TV show and movie there are many characters, places, and magical creatures.  There are plenty of heroes and villains that we can relate to or feel drawn to.  Heroic shadowhunters like Alec and Isabelle are easy choices.  Max is also a good choice of name as he is the cute and highly trained brother of Isabelle and Alec.  Valentine could also be a good choice of name, inspired by the antagonist, Valentine Morgenstern, who is Clary’s father and also an evil shadowhunter. 

Downworlders might also motivate your name selection.  You might feel inspired by Louis, an ancient vampire or Raphael, who leads the New York Vampires in the TV show.  There are also faerie creatures that might inspire you too, like Meliorn, a faerie knight, or werewolves like Woolsey, or Justine who loses her life in the Mortal Battle. Maybe your pooch is a princess and you can name her after the seelie princess, Nerissa.  You could even seek angelic inspiration!

You can also consider your dog’s personality when choosing a name.  If your pooch is feisty, you might call him Jace, or if she is brave you could name her Maia after the feisty bar worker and werewolf.  Clary has beautiful red hair, so maybe this would be the perfect name for your red-coated canine. 

There are lots of considerations to make, so jot down your favorite choices from the list below and choose carefully!

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we got her when she was 8 months old and she was really small she didn't get bigger and we were really worried but she is fine now

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