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The movie Wall-E is a delightful Disney film set in the future of Earth. People are no where to be seen on the planet Earth due to all their wasteful tendencies in the past. The planet is now filled to the brim with garbage and broken down cities that are covered in dust; all plant life is gone and nothing thrives there. The only being that occupies the Earth (that we know of) is a little robot that goes by the name of Wall-E. He is a trash compacter robot, one of many, that were left behind on Earth with the hope of one day restoring it to a livable state. For some reason, all of the other robots ceased to function, and only Wall-E (with his incredible intelligence) is left to fix himself with spare parts and continue doing the job he was designed to do. 

One day however, all of this changes. A new robot from space is sent to Earth in order to scan for any plant life on the ruined planet. Her name is Eve, and when Wall-E sees her, his little robot heart falls in love. The story then follows the determination and loyalty of Wall-E as he follows Eve back to space where she dwells with the ever dwindling population of humans in their spacecraft. The pair must save the only existing plant from the evil captain of the ship, who wants to trap the humans in space forever. This adorable Disney film captures the true picture of loyalty and leaves a feel-good feeling in the hearts of those who watch it. We won't spoil the ending if you haven't already seen the film, but we highly recommend watching it!

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Wall-E Dog Name Considerations

The first dog that comes to mind when we think of the movie Wall-E  is the Terrier breed! Of course many dogs can fit the names of this awesome Disney movie, however, the Terrier is a loyal and tenacious dog that knows how to work hard for what they want. Terriers were originally bred as work dogs to help their owners catch vermin on farms as well as even heard and guard the home. Because of this, they are very intelligent and quite stubborn! These characteristics are just like Wall-E as he was determined, loving, loyal, intelligent, and downright quirky. 

If you have a Terrier dog that you'd like to name after the movie we would suggest a couple like "Wall-E" (of course) or MO (which stands for Microbe Obliterator) who was determined to clean every spot on the floor of the ship and track down anyone who dared to make a mess. Both of those names can be unisex, but if you would some specifically female names to match those, you could go with "Eve" or "Mary" (who was a passenger on the ship) just to name a couple. If you don't have a Terrier, no worries! These cute monikers will work for all kinds of breeds. A couple other tenacious examples could be Siberian Huskies, Bulldogs, Australian Shepherds, and the Bullmastiff (whose coloring is perfect for a Wall-E name).

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