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When getting a new dog, one of the first things you have to think of is a name. There are lots of possible names to choose from along with their respective meanings. One of the more popular themes is a dog name with an expressive meaning. Unbeknownst to some, most names have an origin and a specific meaning. Pet owners use these meanings as a basis for finding a suitable name for their dogs. If you have a dog that is shrewd and clever, then you may want to pick a name that highlights this quality. There are lots of names meaning “smart” for you to choose from.

Dog Names Meaning Smart in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Smart Considerations

Choosing a name for your newly acquired dog can be quite thought-provoking. Most dog owners want to get it right the first time, especially since their choice will be the one that their dog will be using throughout their entire lifespan. A good rule of thumb when naming your dog is to choose a name that is not overly long. In fact, the ideal length of a name is around one to two syllables, although a maximum of three is still acceptable. This is because dogs have limited recollection and typically only remember the first two syllables of a word.

For this specific theme, you can simply choose a name that means “smart” or any other words synonymous to it, such as “intelligent”, “wise”, “clever” and the like. You may also use your dog’s country of origin to add more novelty to your name choice. For instance, if you own an English Bulldog, you may choose the name “Alden”, which is an English name that means “wise friend”.

Another possible option would be to name your dog after a person known for intelligence and wisdom. It could be a historical figure, a pop culture character or even gods and goddesses. For example, the name “Athena”, who is the Greek goddess of wisdom, is fitting for a smart female dog.

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