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In 2017, director Christopher Nolan released a film that depicted the harrowing events that took place during World War II's infamous Dunkirk Evacuation. Nolan himself describes his film, aptly titled Dunkirk, as a survival film first and a war film second; the characters featured in the film are essentially nameless and little to no emphasis is placed on the political aspects of the war. At it's core, Dunkirk is a film that was created with the intent of placing viewers right in the middle of the war - it's less of a traditional film and more of an experience that humanizes the men, women, children, and animals that got caught up in one of history's most brutal conflicts.

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Dunkirk Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you have a sense of national pride towards the British Crown, or any of the nations who fought on the side of the Allies during World War II, then you may want to consider giving your dog a Dunkirk inspired name out of a sense of patriotism - what better way to show your solidarity to a country than to name your dog after one of the soldiers, medics, nurses, engineers, and volunteers who put their lives on the line? Folks looking to give their dogs a masculine name will have their pick of the litter, as there were countless brave men from nations all around the world who fought in World War II.

If you're just looking to name your dog after a figure who was involved in the Dunkirk Evacuation, or after any figures from the British armed forces, then you'll still have a large number of names to choose from. The notorious British commander Lord Gort was heavily involved with the Battle of Dunkirk, which coincided with the Dunkirk Evacuation. Lord Gort also just so happened to be a man of many names - just about any of which could potentially work out great as an alias for your dog. You could also name your pet after one of the many animals that served in World War II as well as any of the dogs who were also rescued during the Dunkirk Evacuation. 

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