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To some people, considering dog names meaning manly for your dog is a silly idea. Is it not enough that you have a rough and ready pooch, and now you want to give them a tough name? However, looking for dog names meaning manly can be wise for many reasons.

You might like them to appear tough as a guard dog, or you have a small, cute and cuddly dog that you want to seem more robust than they are. For example, imagine the hilarity at calling your Bichon Frise Fang, Butch, or Bruiser? They are a teddy bear-like dog with a name that doesn’t suit. It can be a fun thing to do, so why not look for new manly dog names? 

Dog Names Meaning Manly in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Manly Considerations

Before you start compiling your list of potential dog names meaning manly, put some thought into what names you can’t use. The first consideration should be the breed. If you have a dog that already looks fierce, you have to consider whether giving them a strong name is a bit over the top. Do you want people to fear your dog? If you don’t, then opt for a softer name.

If, however, you’ve got a toy breed you wouldn’t mind had a bit more masculinity, then, by all means, call them Buck, Butch, or Tyrant. The goal is to beef them up into something they’re not.

Another thing to consider is their gender. Fortunately, manly names can be suitable for females and males, but you need to be careful with the variety. Fang would suit males and females, but Buck wouldn’t. Because dog names meaning manly tend to be adjectives, you have a bit more freedom to use them between both genders anyway.

Finally, take note of your dog’s personality. If your dog is slow off the mark with training, a short and sweet name can be beneficial while still ensuring they sound manly. You want them to learn their name quickly, and single syllable options are best. If they are a stubborn, bossy dog, there’s no limit to the variety of titles that will suit your pooch. 

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