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The 1990's saw an unprecedented amount of quality cartoons be put on the air; after being established in 1992, Cartoon Network played host to many great animated shows such as Dexter's Laboratory, Courage The Cowardly Dog, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, and many, many more. Other cartoon stations like Nickelodeon and Fox Kids also had a numerous amount of great cartoons as well, including the likes of SpongeBob SquarePants, Rocko's Modern Life, and Hey Arnold for Nick, while Fox aired classic shows like the Batman: Animated Series, Tiny Toons Adventures, and X Men: The Animated Series. Many people who identify themselves as "90's kids" grew up watching these timeless shows and still think of them with great fondness even to this day. Many of the cartoon characters that originated from this time period have gone on to attain mythical status and world wide success in the realm of animation, as well finding a special place in the hearts and minds of 90's kids across the globe.

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90's Cartoons Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Many 90's kids hold such admiration and affection for cartoons of that decade because it reminds them of better, simpler days. The cartoon characters of the time had witty personalities and embarked on many adventures that affected viewers to a profound degree. Were you a big fan of the manic, frantic fuchsia dog with an ironic name? Maybe you should consider naming your pet Courage, after Cartoon Network's frightful furball. Were you particularly partial to the blonde haired, super macho womanizer with a small brain and a big heart? Consider naming your dog Johnny after Johnny Bravo to pay homage to this lovable cartoon character.

Many people who admire the cartoons of the 1990's do so with a technical eye; many modern day animators admire the innovative techniques used during the 1990's while many writers also examine the dialogue and story arcs of the time with reverence. Many famous and prominent contemporary voice actors also got their start during the 90's, so aspiring voice actors often watch the shows of the time in order to better understand the methods of their idols. The cartoons of the 1990's changed the industry, and the people who consumed its products, in a big way, so naming your dog after one of the characters from this period could also be seen as a show of respect for the level of artistic excellence exhibited during the decade.

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