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Looking for a spellbinding, all-powerful dog name for your new fur baby, rescue, or adopted buddy? We’re here to help! We always marvel at the magic of wizarding realms filled with moons and stars and forces unseen. But we also marvel at our pooches, who make our lives worth living many days. That wagging tail is a magic wand all its own, and those ears might as well be a wizard’s hat. Our fluffy kindred spirits wrap us up in charms all their own. That’s for sure! Join us today as we consider some wizard names you’re likely to recognize and maybe a few new ones you haven’t thought about as well.

Wizard Dog Names in Pop Culture

Wizard Dog Name Considerations

It seems that the film industry and literature itself have always been amazed by magic and the wonderful worlds of wizards. From childhood, we see names like “Merlin,” “Harry,” “Gandalf,” “Albus,” “Fantasia,” and more! We’re fascinated by the spells they cast and the power they possess in something as simple, slim, and small as a wand. Wizards take part in everyday tricks for giggles as well as great battles that determine the fate of our world and beyond. All in all, wizards are a pretty huge deal, and your pup would truly “dig” holding a title that represented a famous wizard we all know and love (or maybe even one of a famous wizard villain who makes the story interesting).

For some general wizarding names, you might select “Warlock,” “Wanda,” “Star,” “Moon,” or “Charm.” If you’re looking to strike chords of delight in all who hear the name, try a moniker like “Potter,” “Weasley,” “Dumbledore,” “Prospero,” and even “Yoda.” Instead of the common name Misty, try “Mysti,” short for mystical. You might like “Visi,” short for invisible. Spend some time sifting through all the famous wizards you know, and see if you can land on one that absolutely howls! When your pup’s eyes light up and they give the name two paws up, then you know you’re right on track in this naming process!

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