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So, you like getting scared, right? You adore gore, you love to feel the chill in your bones, and you just love that adrenaline rush you get when someone gives you a good fright! If yes, than you probably love American Horror Story! Perfect, since this series is very versatile, and every season has a compelling story and loads of scary characters of questionable morals and backgrounds, just right for many interesting names that you can choose for your dog. So whether you are a purist who does not recognize anything past season 3 as true American Horror Story, or someone who loves them all, time to get inspired and get to naming!

American Horror Story Dog Names

American Horror Story Dog Name Considerations

The decision is made, you are naming your dog after someone from American Horror Story? But what name should you choose? How do you decide when there is such a variety? Well, for starters you can choose the name Lambchop after the lovely doggo that played Hallie. This name would work perfectly if your own pup is a mix of a Chihuahua and a Poodle, or should we say Poohuahua (or maybe even Chipoohua?). It is a very unique name that will definitely raise some brows and start some questions, but hey, isn’t that how you make new friends?

Otherwise, if you are not the one who scares easily, be brave and name your big doggo after the super scary Infantata, or, more appropriately, his human name Thaddeus? Also a very strange sounding name, but one that evokes something fancy, posh, and high class that will not go unnoticed wherever you go. Especially when you tell the story behind the name! Just make sure not to scare off the children when you do, so best come up with an alternative backstory.

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