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The story of the young girl in a red hood, riding through the woods to her grandmother's house, is one of the Grimm Brothers very well known stories. Little Red Riding Hood is so popular in fact, that it has been remade into many different films, all portraying different relationships between the characters. This allows for many new characters to be introduced and loved, as well as a new view being offered on the classic characters that we all know so well. Whether you are looking for some comedic relief or a thriller, Red is there (in some form) to make it happen.

Red Riding Hood Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Red Riding Hood Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you are a fan of Little Red Riding Hood you will not be disappointed by the awesome selection of names that can be found here! Whether you want to represent your love for the movie through a name that portrays the wolf, Little Red, Grandmother, or more there will definitely be a moniker that fits the bill. For instance, perhaps you are attempting to find an awesome name that reflects the beautiful red coat of your Siberian Husky. A perfect name for your pup may be "Rowan" (little redhead), "Crimson", "Rose", or even simply "Hood". From complicated and unique to simple and common, any of these names would work perfectly for a red-haired dog. On the other hand, if your favorite character or part of the story is the wolf, there are a lot of names that either mean "wolf" or simply represent him well such as; "Wolf", "Fang", "Weren" (werewolf), or "Cuan" (little wolf or little hound). As you can see, these are just a few of the many titles that are just waiting for your dog to bear! Thanks to the wide variety of new and old Little Red Riding Hood characters, no matter what kind of dog you have, they can fit within this category very well.
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