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Firearms are popular among the outdoorsmen, especially those who enjoy hunting activities.  Often, firearm owners become attached to a particular gun for one reason or another and will give their firearm its own name.  The naming of a gun is a personal thing for this group of people, just like the naming of a dog is to every canine lover. Sometimes, gun enthusiasts may even give their dog a firearm-related name to reminisce about past experiences or as a descriptor for their dog - think big dog, big gun, like Mosin for a Caucasian Shepherd, also known as the Russian Bear Dog.

Gun Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Gun Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Gun inspired dog names are not uncommon among gun enthusiasts.  Many men and women who enjoy firearm-related sports, such as hunting or target shooting, will look for the perfect gun-related name that has meaning to them and their dog. The gun inspired theme is not breed, size, or color specific, and any dog can find a firearm-related name that best suits their looks and dispositions. However, certain breeds may be more likely to sport this theme, such as gun-dogs or field dogs, like the Water Spaniels or the American Foxhounds. Beagles, Retrievers, and Terriers are also well suited for a gun name.  

The color and size of your dog should also be taken into consideration when selecting a name. For example, Gunther is an excellent name for a Black Labrador Retriever because Gunther refers to Johnson and Gunther black powder. When it comes to size, consider the caliber or size of a firearm with regard to your dog's potential size. A perfect example is Mosin, after the Russian Mosin Nagant, a large and high powered rifle. Dog owners of large breeds, like the Great Dane, might want to emphasize the size of their dog with such a name. Owners can even consider the country or region of their dog's breed, such as the Mosin example for a Russian dog breed. 

If you'd like to give your dog a gun inspired moniker, read on for some furbulous choices that may be pawfect for your pup!

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Community Dogs with Gun Inspired Names

Rifle's name story for Gun Inspired Dog Names
German Shorthaired Pointer
Johnson City, TN
Laid back

I saw Rifle on a friend's baby gender reveal poster and we loved it!

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