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In ancient times, people revered their pantheon of gods. They gave them days and worshipped them with strict attention to detail. Then, with the onset of monotheism, people began looking at their athletes. Their painters and sculptors, and more recently - their music stars. Granted, these stars do not get the same level of worship. But there is something that reminds us of those days. There are separate fandoms, stars even give their fans names. Obviously, pop stars are a big deal. Their names are some of the most recognizable on the planet, so why not give one to your dog? 

Pop Star Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pop Star Inspired Dog Name Considerations

As mentioned before, pop stars are a big deal in modern culture. They are revered and looked upon as role models by many. Their music entertains us, and most will spend a lot of money to go and see them live. This may seem like a waste of time to some, but a life or death matter to others. People take their fandoms seriously, and thanks to the onslaught of social media, these things can become life or death matters. Disrespect a star and watch their fans descend on you with a fury you never expected.

All of this is true, and largely entertaining. But let us look at the facts. Pop stars have some of the best and most unique names around. This is because they must get on a world stage and be memorable. What counts as a pop star name? Since the genre is so wide, we have chosen the names of various popular musicians. You won’t find most of these names given to ordinary people. These names also have a lot of meaning since they were chosen by the singer. Look through this list to find some of the best pop star names, past and present to bestow on your new addition. 

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