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The Dark Knight is easily one of the most recognizable superhero films ever made. It has everything you would want from a Batman movie. It stands out though, not because of the hero, but because of the villain. This movie was a success in every sense of the word, and it is immortalized by it’s cult status. It’s been 10 years since the movie was first released but it still gives us chills. Watching it for the hundredth time is like watching it for the first time. That is why dog names inspired by the movie will be just as memorable. 

The Dark Knight Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Dark Knight Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Ever since it was released in 2008, The Dark Knight has been setting the standard for superhero movies. In the past, people thought superhero or comic book adaptations had to be campy. This might be because many comic book stories are over-the-top and a little more than ridiculous. But there is a lot of depth in comic books and superhero arcs. Often, the writers and illustrators take the time to craft a poignant storyline. Comic fans were often very insulted after watching superhero movies. Thankfully, everything changed when one visionary thought “What if we make a superhero movie that doesn’t treat our audience like children?”

It is a theatrical delight that demands to be taken seriously. Almost like your dog. Your new puppy needs a name. You want to give him or her a memorable name that packs as big a punch as Batman does. Look no further than the best Batman film ever made, (it is up for debate, but let’s just focus on the dogs for now). The names on this list were chosen because of their connection to the movie. Either inspired by the people working on the project, or by names that have meanings linked to the movie. Consider the looks and personality of your new canine addition and see which character suits him best. Is your dog the suave, quiet type or is he rather in your space? Is he jet black or a brilliant white? Is he an agility star? All characteristics of your pet can be considered when it's time to give him a name.

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Community Dogs with The Dark Knight Inspired Names

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