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One of the most important documents in American history is the Declaration of Independence. One visiting the United States Capitol Building can find the original copy under the watchful eyes of security guards; this document is so important that the lighting is controlled and no one is allowed to photograph the document. In reality, if the document is taken out of the protected area, it would likely disintegrate. However, in the 2004 film National Treasure, Nicolas Cage and Jon Voigt take viewers on an adventure that is coded in a treasure map hidden in clues provided by the Founding Fathers on the original Declaration.

National Treasure Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

National Treasure Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Although no dog breeds are specifically featured in the film National Treasure, the deeds of Nicholas Cage's character (Ben) can most definitely be categorized as heroic. Therefore, dogs that display heroic characteristics would qualify to have names inspired by the film National Treasure. 

While many heroic dogs (regardless of breed) exist, some breeds are distinctly noted for heroic characteristics. The German Shepherd is one of these breeds. The German Shepherd was originally bred to protect the herd; once the practice of sheep herding became less prominent, the breed was shifted into military work. In fact, the heroic deeds of the German Shepherd were noted by American soldiers, and that is one reason why the breed was brought to America. The German Shepherd is now a prominent K9 dog. Speaking of K9 dogs, the Belgian Malinois is a common police dog across the world. 

The Saint Bernard is another breed that is often associated with heroic deeds. This breed was often used in search and rescue missions in the Alps for many decades, making it a heroic dog deserving of a name inspired by the National Treasure movie. These are merely a few heroic breeds. One should not forget the Golden Retriever, who is bred to be a companion dog. It is this penchant for the Golden that makes it a fantastic service dog. 

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Community Dogs with National Treasure Inspired Names

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