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Let’s face it, Havanese dogs are cute and cuddly so whatever name you choose should probably be along those lines. Or the opposite of those descriptions would be good as well. This tiny Cuban character is known to be funny, intelligent, friendly, and outgoing with everyone, even cats! They only get up to about 10 to 15 pounds, so you can also name your pooch for their size. Think of the nicknames that may arise from the name and beware of those that may cause conflict. Also, do make sure that you like the name as you are likely going to be saying it hundreds of times a week.

Havanese Dog Names in Pop Culture

Havanese Dog Name Considerations

The Havanese breed was discovered in Havana, Cuba in the 1700s, hence the name, and has gotten more popular in the past few decades. It took a while for them to become popular in the United States and they were not recognized by the American Kennel Club until 1996. The silky soft long coat and tiny size give new meaning to the name pocket pet, and these little bundles of fuzz have been finding their way into the hearts of superstars for a long time. However, the Havanese coat does require a lot of maintenance due to their wavy coat and undercoat, so you may opt to have your pooch groomed. 

This lovable breed comes in many different color combinations such as brown and white, mahogany, fawn, white, red and white, blue, sable, and brindle. Many owners like to decide on their dog’s name according to their coat or eye color so that you can think along those lines for a name as well. Their feisty personality and charming characteristics also give way to some cute names for your Havanese such as Perky or Handsome. With this little charmer, you can pretty much name them anything because they all have their own individual personality traits. 

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