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All dogs are unique individuals. They each have their personalities. Most owners cherish their beloved pooch because they not only share their homes with their dogs but also their hearts. If you want to showcase your emotions for your pet and genuinely exhibit how much you adore the pooch then why not pick a unique moniker that means or displays love and caring. There are many terms of endearment or names that indicate how much you cherish your furry family member.

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Dog Name Meaning Cherished Considerations

The relationship between a human and his dog is all about cherishing each other. Have you ever wondered if your dog loves you? Well look into the dark, soulful eyes of your pooch, and you will genuinely see love reflected. Your canine wags his tail and has a look of complete adoration on their face every time you walk into the room. These characteristics reveal precisely how much the pooch loves their human family. 

Science has even proven that dogs cherish their owners. In a recent study, Emory University placed canines into MRI  machines and then exposed the dogs to various smells. Researchers watched each dog's brain to determine which smells triggered which reactions as displayed by the MRI. Every time the pooch smelled their owner's items the animal's brain lit up with activity. Just the smell of the dog's beloved human was enough to create a dramatic reaction. 

The behavior of a dog is similar to that of a human child. Whenever the animal is anxious, scared, or upset they run to their owner for protection just like a child who experiences the same emotions and goes to a parent for reassurance. This is the foundation of a real relationship and why you should consider picking a name that shows how much you cherish your dog. 

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