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Horse racing is a sport that is almost as old as America itself! Horse racing can date its origins in America to 1665 in Salisbury, New York. The race track constructed there is the oldest Thoroughbred race track on the continent, and it is still present even today. Horse racing became more organized in 1868 after the American Stud Book was drafted, and, along with a love of racing, betting on the odds also became popular. The most popular Triple Crown racing trifecta became popular after World War II. This includes the Belmont Stakes, the Preakness Stakes, and the Kentucky Derby.

Horse Racing Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Horse Racing Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Two types of dogs have also competed on the racing circuit, albeit via dog racing. These breeds are built for speed, and their sleek bodies are long and lean, which makes them even faster. These two breeds are the Whippet and the Greyhound. 

The Whippet is a long, lean speed machine. He is highly intelligent and easily trainable. He is actually a descendant of the Greyhound. His particular ancestors were considered too small for hunting (the original purpose of the Greyhound), and the developers of the breed put these smaller dogs together to create the Whippet breed. 

The Whippet was originally intended to hunt rabbits and catch rats. Eventually, they would be praised for their speed and entered into dog races. With the ability to run at a top speed of thirty-five miles an hour, the Whippet is the most quickly accelerating dog in the world. 

The Greyhound is also rather swift; their top speed has been clocked at forty-three miles an hour. The Greyhound was originally a hunting dog, and eventually his niche became dog racing. Unfortunately, the Greyhound is often mistreated by those wishing to make a fast dollar. Once the Greyhound's top racing days are over, usually between ages four and six, the Greyhound is surrendered to a shelter, where he may or may not find a forever home. However, there are activists who work to see the Greyhound treated properly, and there are many who adopt retired race dogs and give them a happy life while "retired." 

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