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Are you searching for a new doggo from the olden days? The Aryan Molossus, also known as an Afghan Mastiff, is a giant ancient breed from the days of Marco Polo and Alexander the Great. Back in the 5th century BC, the humongous hound was typically kept as a guard dog, but some used them for fighting before it was outlawed. These furbabies can get up to 200 pounds of pure muscle and thick fur, typically standing about 25-30 inches tall. However, these doggos are extremely rare, so if you are lucky enough to find one, you should take your time and pick out a pawsome name.

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Aryan Molossus Dog Name Considerations

The Aryan Molossus is a breed of Mastiff that was developed in Afghanistan, but the date and origin are a bit of a mystery because there is little documentation. The Afghan tribesmen used to pit these priceless pooches against each other to settle their own tribal arguments. They were bred to be aggressive then, but in the past several hundred years they began to be produced for hunting, guarding, and protecting. The Aryan Molossus does not do well in small apartments or condos and needs plenty of room to run and roam to be healthy and happy pupsters.

Finding the pawfect moniker for your new Aryan Molossus should not be too difficult since you have several choices on the topics you can use. First, you could choose a title that refers to your pup’s size like Hercules, Bertha, Dozer, Tank, or Moose and if you want to name them for their protective abilities, try Caesar, Alpha, or Xena. You could also choose a name that goes with a combination of topics such as Duncan, which means dark warrior in Gaelic and is great for a watchdog or Hephaestus the Greek god of fire, which is ideal for an orange doggo.

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