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For diehard fans of Lethal Weapon, there are few better ways to give your dog a name than attributing them a title from one of creator Shane Black's many great characters. Although it may be a niche fan group, it’s hard to deny Lethal Weapon’s popularity. After starting as a standalone film back in 1987, it soon morphed into a franchise spanning four films and most recently, a television series as well. From the classic one-liners that have cemented themselves in pop culture to the characters who retain their personalities through multiple actors, there are few better places for fans to go for dog names than the franchise itself.

Lethal Weapon Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Lethal Weapon Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When trying to come up with an appropriate Lethal Weapon-inspired dog name, it’s best to first put together a list of your dog’s most defining traits. Consider their appearance, their breed origin, their quirks and their personality and use these characteristics as points of comparison when scrolling down our list of names and descriptions. 

For instance, if your dog is particularly reckless or has bouts of wildness, the names Martin and Riggs would easily be good fits. If they’re more rigid and methodical, then Roger or Murtaugh would be better. If you happen to dress them in over-the-top or brightly colored clothing, then Benny might be a suitable option. If they are short and excitable, then the name Getz would be a perfect fit. If they’re ultra-loyal or simply a Shetland Sheepdog, you could always name them Sam, just like Riggs’ dog. 

There are plenty of characters you can name your dog after, even if they’re villains. Not everything has to be based on personality. It could be based on their haircut, mannerisms or anything else of the like, but if you’re still having trouble coming up with one, don’t hesitate to have a movie marathon and see which character shares the most in common with them. 

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