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Tim Allen found fame in his 1990s sitcom, Home Improvement. After nearly a decade hiatus from the small screen, Allen accepted a starring role as a very conservative businessman married to a liberal scientist; his character in Last Man Standing is the head of a family as diverse as the couple's beliefs. Part of the irony of the show is this very macho man is the father of three daughters who are just as opinionated as their dad; one is very liberal, one is apolitical, and the youngest daughter is the "son" the lead character always wanted. The television show features lots of current political topics discussed in a non-confrontational manner, and all characters often see the others' point of view, even if they don't always agree.

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Last Man Standing Inspired Dog Name Considerations

To be certain, Last Man Standing is chiefly a commentary on the political divide that so painfully exists today. However, there are family pets of the canine persuasion. Furthermore, the actors and actresses on the show are proud pet parents and have shared their pets with the American public. 

First, the Baxter family owns a small Maltese dog named Muffin. Muffin may appear to be a sweet, innocent pooch, but, like his owner Mike Baxter, Muffin is actually quite the rounder. Muffin has been the subject of a few episodes that detail his adventures. On one particular episode, the audience learns that Muffin might have mated with the neighbors' German Shepherd. The punchline involves the idea that Muffin, a small dog, would be able to woo the German Shepherd female. Eventually, the puppies are revealed to the audience, who adore the sweet pooches. 

Actress Nancy Travis is a proud pet owner. In a recent article, Travis introduced her rescue pups - a Golden Retriever mix named Amy and a dog Travis describes as a "mutt." She calls them her misbehaved dogs, and she loves their antics. She compares her two fur babies to the twin pups Teddy and Freddy, who play "Muffin." She admires the training of her on-set pup, but relishes in the raucous behavior of her own fur babies. 

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