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Frequency is a popular science fiction movie that came out in 2000 and became a television series in 2016. It is about a young man named John who is an NYPD detective. He gets his father’s old ham radio from a family friend, only to find out that he can talk to his father on it, but his dad died 30 years before when John was six years old. The father and son get to know each other on the radio, and John warns his father about his impending death, trying to keep him from dying. However, the act backfires as it changes the future too much. John and his father end up solving a murder together about the Nightingale serial killer, and they figure out a way to stop his dad from dying in the end.

Frequency Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Frequency Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When you decide to get a new furry family member, there are a lot of things you need to consider. For example, it is important to get your doggo a good veterinarian, some great toys, healthy food, and a comfy bed. You also need to figure out a fitting name for your canine kid. You can name your pooch after one of the characters or stars of the movie, “Frequency,” or you can choose to give your pupster a title that pertains to fire or firefighting. 

For example, Hero or Lucky are awesome names for any pooch, Siren is great for a loud dog, and Inferno would be a cute name for a large pup. And if you have an orange dog, you can choose between Sparky, Blaze, or Cindy. For that red-coated poochie, how about Ember? And Dusty or Ashley can be terrific names for a gray doggy. Alternatively, Kalama is the Hawaiian name for flame, Le Feu means fire in French, Seraphina means fiery one in Latin, and Edana is Irish for fire. Maui is the God of Fire and Vesta is the Guardian of the Sacred Fire so they would be awesome names too. Here are some of our favorites. 

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