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Most people do not know what the Central Asian Shepherd is and there are not many found in North America. They were bred to be a multi-purpose working dog that developed in central Asia within the former Soviet Union. The Central Asian Shepherd is known by many names, but the American Kennel Club recognizes the breed as the Central Asian Shepherd. Other names for them include Central Asian Sheepdog, Middle Asian Ovcharka, Turkmen Alabai, Aziat, and Volkadov. Their original purpose was to protect the livestock and shepherds and provide companionship. Later, they were used within the military and also in dog fighting rings across Asia. While not a popular breed in North America, the Central Asian Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in central Asia. 

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Central Asian Shepherd Dog Name Considerations

It takes a strong leader and experienced handler to own a Central Asian Shepherd. These dogs are considered one of the strongest dogs in the world and without proper training, they will become aggressive and potentially dangerous to other animals and people. Because the Central Asian Shepherd is not well-known, people are unaware of the strong temperament of the breed. This breed is not recommended for families with young children or inexperienced dog handlers. For those people looking for an impressive dog and have the time and energy to devote to properly training them, the Central Asian Shepherd may just be the breed for them. This dog is not meant for apartment life; if you have a small backyard, make sure you spend plenty of time going for long walks or jogs to help your Central Asian Shepherd expel much of their energy and keep them in shape. Once you have brought a Central Asian Shepherd puppy home, it will be time to find a name for them.  Even though the Central Asian Shepherd originated within the former Soviet Union, many people take their name to heart and choose names with a distinctive Asian influence instead of names that lean more heavily towards Russian or Middle Eastern. No matter what you decide to name your new Central Asian Shepherd, make sure the name is easy to pronounce, does not sound like a common command, and is not similar to other dogs’ names in your neighborhood. 

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