Top 11 Dog Breeds for Extroverts

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It's logical to think that the best dog breeds for extroverts would be extroverts themselves. Though this seems right, there's evidence that both shy dogs and outgoing pups fit well with an extrovert human, for different reasons. An extroverted person is energized and happiest when around other people, and loves teamwork. An introvert isn't necessarily shy in social situations, but re-energizes when alone, and likes working alone. Much the same is true of puppers - some are loners and independent, and others are definitely party dogs! The latter pups love dog parks and meeting lots of other humans and doggos, while the former may be happiest on a solitary hike. So which of these 2 breed types are best for the human party animal? 

Labrador Retriever

Favorites everywhere, labs are eager to please and love wiggling around among other pups and crowds of people who will give them the love they crave. Willing to go anywhere you go, they're not timid or testy at parties and barbecues, and especially enjoy beach or lake parties where there's water for swimming!

Golden Retriever

These handsome pups are very social like their extrovert humans, and are not suspicious of strange humans and dogs, so they fit in well at dinner parties, backyard pool parties and crowded city parks. Obedient and playful, they'll also happily hang out while everyone dances and dines, and any willing lap is their favorite place!

Springer Spaniel

Springers are active and friendly, and ready for adventure, whether that's a long stroll down Fifth Avenue, or camping in a group on a secluded lake. Happiest when with their own human pack, they easily accept new and old friends wherever they go. They can also be the stars in the midst of a pack of human kiddoes with a ball or frisbee!
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No one can resist the solid, friendly and laid back Bulldog. Social, but not particularly extroverted, these pups attract attention wherever they go and can conjure up a new group of friends for their humans in an instant! When approached they wiggle their butts and snort through their puggish noses and they're irresistible conversation starters!

Boston Terrier

These clownish doggos will match their humans in personality and energy, and will always greet newcomers to their environments as enthusiastically as if they were long lost friends. At the dog park, they entertain themselves endlessly while you enjoy a coffee and convo with the other humans, racing over for a pat or scratch from time to time. They won't huddle by your feet!

Pit Bull

While the name "Pit Bull" is used for several breeds, when you mention them, everyone knows what breed you mean. These talkative, waggily, good-natured fur-pups love to meet-and-greet. Their enthusiasm can be intimidating, but they are easy to train into polite welcomes. Smart and adorable, these guys come in varying sizes and colors, but their wrinkly foreheads and blocky heads are common to all.


The saying goes that "Beagles have never met anyone they didn't like." Not shy, always willing to trust everyone, they make furtastic companion dogs for anyone. They can be excellent people magnets too. Entertaining and friendly, they will love anyone who wants to play and are equally happy curled up in a stranger's lap as in their human's.

Saint Bernard

Now lest you think this couch potato is not the best extrovert companion, think about how much attention a huge dog receives when walking down the street or sticking its massive head out of a car window. You can have a conversation with the occupants of the neighboring car at every stoplight!

Parson Russell Terrier

If you want a pup that's a reflection of your energetic style, the Parson Russell Terrier is for you. Tireless and focused, they will soon teach you that a game of catch isn't finished until the ball is put away. And if a stranger picks up that ball and tosses it, that human quickly becomes this pup's best friend, and maybe yours!


The extroverted humans who gain energy by interacting with other people are sure to have that need fulfilled whenever they they leave the house with their Corgis. The elevator, the pet store, the dog park, the sidewalk, or the Farmer's Market are all potential meeting places where your Corgi excels at attracting lots of attention. Happy conversing!


Not all extroverts are non-stop partiers. In fact, many long for the quiet of home after long, social events. For these folks, the pug is pawrfect! They enjoy excitement and crowds, too, but are always ready to snuggle with their humans. Like many extroverts, there comes a time when enough is enough!