Top 15 Gray Dog Names

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It’s never too soon to try and figure out a name for a pooch. If you have a gray pupper or if you are thinking about getting one, several names stand out as being unique for gray dog breeds. Pupular gray pups include the Weimaraner, the Whippet, the Italian Greyhound, Pit Bull, Great Dane, the Pumi, and several others.

Once you have a gray-furred doggy, then it only makes sense that you might be looking for the pawfect moniker that is befitting of their gray coat. So, where do you get the right inspiration to name your dog accordingly?

There are several places. First, you could name your pooch based on a person or character, a place, or anything that reminds you of the color gray. Of course, if you are having a hard time finding the pawfect name for your gray pooch, you could simply go with one of the many names that have inspired others with gray-coated canines. As such, if you are looking for a woofderful moniker for your doggo, in line with its gray coat color, then check our top ten names below.

#1 Ash

If you have an evenly colored grey barker that reminds you of a fresh beginning, then Ash is the pawfect choice of a name for them.

#2 Luna

Luna, a name for the moon, is a furrific name for a gray female doggo that reflects your bright and charismatic personality. 

#3 Frost

Frost is an excellent name for a grey colored tail-wagger that lives in a cold environment. Also, if your pooch is extremely reserved in character, then Frosty is a unique name for your gray pooch.

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#4 Silverbell

Silverbell is a pawtastic moniker for a midsized, gray female pooch. The silverbell is a mid-sized tree that produces bell-shaped flowers that are silver in color.

#5 Gandalf

Grandalf the Gray, the famous wizard from the Lord of the Rings, is the pawfect inspiration for a wise barker that is a natural leader among canine friends.

#6 Dusty

One of the favorite colors for bridesmaid dresses is dusty gray. If you have a female pooch that you want by your side, then Dusty is a pawrific moniker. 

#7 Blue

A truly furbulous name for those gray pups who are tinted on the blue side, such as a Kerry Blue Terrier or Thai Ridgeback.

#8 Storm

Just like the cloudy weather, the single color that describes the word storm is gray. If your gray pooch loves to cause chaos, then there is no better moniker for them.

#9 Artemis

The Greek Goddess Artemis was known as a huntress, and sometimes a moon goddess. If your gray girl is a hunter, give her this name fit for the most royal of pooches.

#10 Sterling

Sterling silver is a grade of silver that is alloyed with copper to make it harder. If you have a precious gray colored pooch that is also your pillar, then Sterling is a furtastic name for them.

#11 Greyjoy

Greyjoy is the name of a ruling family in the pawtacular 'Game of Thrones' series. If your pup seems hardy like the Iron born, Greyjoy is an unforgettable name to bestow on them.

#12 Cinder

The gray ashes that are left after a fire, cinder was the inspiration for Cinderella. Your gray princess would stand tall with this unique name.

#13 Smokey

An obvious name for a gray-coated doggo, Smokey has stood the test of time as one of the most pupular names for dogs, and bears too!

#14 Yukon

Got a tough outdoor pooch? If your gray pup is big like a bear, or an explorer, then this Canadian territory name is a unique choice.

#15 Gracie

For a play on the word gray, try Gracie for your furry girl sidekick. Elegant and pretty, this may be just the name for your four-pawed princess.