Top 8 Shepherd Dog Breeds

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What do you do if your herd of sheep is scattered across the pasture or mountain side? Recruit the help of an expert. That’s right, you call in a Shepherd Dog! Also known as Sheep Dogs, these canines are professionals when it comes to crowd control. They can bring in the strays and guide the herd home like nobody’s business. As a group, Shepherd Dogs have what it takes to be in charge. They are intelligent and have a natural instinct to herd. And their athletic abilities allow them to weave in and out of the herds. Keep reading to discover the top Shepherd breeds.

#1 Australian Shepherd

The Aussie is the quintessential Sheep Dog, and their record proves it. These pups have been herding sheep for years and years. They know how to get the job done. Not only are they agile, but they are quite smart and easy to train. But when the day is done and the sheep have been brought in, Aussies are furrific family pets that love being with their people. 

#2 Border Collie

This breed was born to work. They absolutely love the challenge of keeping all the sheep in their proper place. But they are not all business. Border Collies have a playful side and love to let loose with their people. They are full of energy, so if you add one these pups to your family, make sure they get plenty of exercise and have room to run. 

#3 Shetland Shepherd

Need a pawsome watch dog? What about a loveable pooch that keeps everyone in line? Then it’s time to add a Sheltie to your pack. You may mistake one of these pups for a Collie. But they are their own breed and are full of personality. Since they are active and loyal, they are pawfect pets for families with small children.  

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#4 German Shepherd

Intelligent, strong, and hard working are words that can easily be used to describe the mighty German Shepherd. Their stern expression can be intimidating, but deep down these pups are completely devoted to their people. Since they are easy to train and are quite smart, they are often used as pawlice dogs. Early socialization and obedience training are necessary to make sure these doggos are well mannered. 

#5 Berger Blanc Suisse

Haven’t heard of this pawtastic breed? Well, it’s time you are acquainted. These pups are basically white German Shepherds. Like their brown and black cousins, these pups are fearless and always alert. Also doggone smart, they are easy to train and love a challenge. If they aren’t going to be working in the fields, be sure they get plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation. 

#6 Dutch Shepherd

These doggos love to guard. Give them a herd or a human family, and they’ll get right to work making sure all is safe. A spry breed, Dutch Shepherds are agile and sporty, and are happiest when given a task to complete. Their intelligence makes them an ideal breed to assist the armed forces. They also love to curl up and be next to their people. 

#7 Beauceron

If you need a doggo to watch the flocks, the Beauceron will gladly volunteer. This stunning breed is not only a pawsome Sheep Dog, but an excellent protector. Weighing in at around 100 pounds, they are actually quite docile and sweet with their people. But since they tend to also be domineering, socialization and training are a necessity. 

#8 Pyrenean Shepherd

Pyr Sheps have a pedigree that reaches back to the ancient sheepdogs of the Pyrenees Mountains. A pawsome combination of agility and smarts, this breed will work diligently to keep all flock members in line and safe. These loveable creatures come in a variety of colors and markings, with either long or short fur on their face. Either way, they are as adorable as they are hard working.