Top 10 Dog Breeds for Swimming

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Are you a water lover and looking for a fur-ever friend to share your love of swimming, boating and or even water rescue? Having a strong pup at your side can not only be rewarding, but sometimes even helpful. There are breeds that have been bred for water, and some are super swimmers. Picking out the right pup for your sport or need will definitely benefit you in the long run. Although most dogs will tolerate swimming because they want to please, having a pupperific swimming companion makes your hobby or passion that much more fun! Check out these top dog breeds for swimming to find your pawfect aquatic companion.

American Water Spaniel

Coming in at #1 on the swimming-loving list is the American Water Spaniel. Appropriately named, this pup could live in the water and be happy! Easily trained and happy at his sport or work, this dog should be considered if you like to hunt or just hit the surf! Child-friendly, this medium-sized dog can swim like a fish!

Boykin Spaniel

Although the Boykin Spaniel might not be a household name in every area of the U.S., this medium-sized pup packs a punch when they get out and struts their stuff. Known in the south for their ability to retrieve waterfowl in swamps or marshes, their swimming is top notch for a pup of their size. Friendly and excited to work, this pup is furrific!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

This 65 lb pup has a special characteristic which makes him suitable for swimming!  This top dog sports a waterproof, oily coat which lets him enjoy even the coldest of water. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever absolutely loves swimming, which is high on their pup-abilities! The energy they have adds to their charm and family-friendliness.

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Curly-Coated Retriever

Landing in fourth place is another retriever with curly hair! Not only sporting a great hairdo, the Curly-Coated Retriever works very hard in any body of water retrieving fowl for their hunter friends. Enthusiasm does not quiet explain how much passion they put into their job. This super smart pup will always accomplish their task with the tail awaggin’!

English Setter

The English Setter is a stately dog, and both proud and smart. This large canine with a flowing coat is a lean machine when it comes to work. Bred to point out birds, this adaptable pup is also a super swimmer. Training is important, but their willingness to please will impress any hunter.

Flat-Coated Retriever

Sturdy enough to be a rescue dog, the Flat-Coated Retriever is well-suited for any water work. Their coat keeps them warm even in the coldest of water. Family-oriented, pick this pup to play with the kids and help someone in trouble. Their medium, strong build will suit any home environment.

Irish Water Spaniel

Another curly-locks, this pup not only has gorgeous fur, but it repels water, making for a perfect companion for swimming or hunting. They can’t get enough H2O, so your outing can last all day. The funny personality this one has will keep you smiling while enjoying the great outdoors!  Kid-friendly, this pup has it all!


Miss Popular, this pup is not only super friendly and oozing with charm, but is a hard worker and a great choice for a water-loving family. The Labrador Retriever will happily bring back any toy or stick thrown into the water and is a puptastic swimmer. Built strong enough to swim in waves, they are just as happy in the backyard pool!


The Newfoundland is a very large-breed dog with a noble face, but underneath that beautiful exterior is a powerful swimmer. Bred for water rescue, they are built for swimming long distances to help people in trouble.  This pup's solid body structure is strong enough to hang onto for rescue. A great family pet as well, your children will be safe with this grand dog around.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

This pup might have a long and somewhat funny name, but this workaholic was designed for the water. As their name implies, they retrieves birds from the water and are a hunter’s favorite companion. This doggo's build is strong and of medium size, making them perfect to take on an expedition where swimming is needed. Super smart, this pup’s energy never seems to run out.