Top 10 Dog Breeds that Herd Livestock

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Farmers and ranchers have many chores each day that begin in the early hours and last until sunset. To make their work a bit easier, many rely on specific tools to help shorten that time. A dog is an invaluable addition to help with herding livestock. They can move cattle, sheep and even chickens! These working pups don’t care about the long hours, but will work for praise and an occasional treat! What dogs are the best of the best when it comes to herding? This list of the Top Breeds that Herd Livestock will give you a glimpse.

Border Collie

Tops on the list is the Border Collie. Swift moving and a never-ending work ethic make this pup a great choice as a herder. Working sheep and cattle looks simple when these pups take over. Easily cared for, these medium-sized pups just need a wash and brush, and they are ready to go. A good pick for an active family.

Australian Cattle Dog

With a long history of working cattle, the Australian Cattle Dog is famous for its superior intelligence and easy trainability. They have a drive that keeps them going with a smile on their face. These pups move cattle and sheep by nipping at their heels, which gave them the nickname of ‘Heeler.’  Pick a Red or Blue one and sit back – the pup will do the rest!

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog is a beauty with a high work ethic! Take them anywhere and they will work.  Sheep are their specialty and it shows. They are quick and agile, and take their work seriously. Easily trained and fun to watch, they also make great family pets - just give them lots of exercise

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Australian Shepherd

This stocky, beautiful dog is super smart and waiting for something to do. They are great at herding sheep or ducks, and will do so gracefully. Strong and protective as well, they fit into an active family lifestyle just fine. Many families show these dogs in obedience to keep them busy! A quick, daily brush is all their coats need to keep them shiny!

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a short, super sweet pup with lots of herding drive. Although small, they are stocky and strong, and can move geese, ducks and even cattle. They are agile enough to get out of the way, and they show everyone they mean business. A great family pet as well, let this pup take on some of your work.

Old English Sheepdog

This large breed dog is a great family protector and has the bonus feature of having the drive to herd. They are strong and able to work cattle or sheep for farmers and ranchers, and make great pets too. These pups boast a mild temperament and enjoy lounging around as well as working. The Sheedog will fit into any lifestyle.

Belgian Malinois

Smart is the word for these pups that never seem to take a rest. The Belgian Malinois work hard and play hard, but are super sweet and loving. This medium-tall dog has a short coat, which makes them a wash-and-go breed, and a beauty to boot. They fit perfectly into a ranching lifestyle and will work cattle confidently.

Rough Collie

A beauty to behold, these pups seem to be able to run the ranch by themselves! The Rough Collie is very smart and protective of their livestock, and can herd with the best of them. Their larger size makes them sturdy enough to work all day, with little rest. Their coat requires daily care, but their appreciation for your hard work makes up for it!

Pembrook Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is short and stout, but can move with surprising agility. They are lovers of cattle and sheep, and will be telling you when it is time to get up! Their strong work ethic is an amazing attribute, and their affection for the family is overwhelming. A great working family pet indeed.

German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is a joy to watch when they work. They are strong, agile and absolutely love the job you put before them. Versatile should be their middle name as they can go from a family pet to a working sheep dog, to a guardian all in the same day. Keep this pup employed and they will be content.