Top 10 Dog Names in Miami, FL

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If you are a top dog owner in Miami, you've hit a gold mine! It is ranked as a great city to be a dog and who knows, maybe your pup will feel the same way! There's so much to do in Miami, but beaches and shopping top the list.

You and your pup won’t be left out of fun things to do together, with pawtastic pup-friendly beaches lining the shores of Miami. Even some of the beaches that aren’t so puptastic offer doggie parks and runs nearby! So, grab Fifi and hit the surf! If your pup is not a sun-lover, then shopping it is. Most of Miami’s top shops are located in an outdoor mall so you will find pups and owners lining the streets to do some window shopping! Many retailers welcome furrific pups into their establishments with open arms and outdoor, pup-friendly cafes are numerous. If Fifi needs a spa treatment, Miami’s got them covered! Champagned-scented shampoo and rinse it is!

With all these pups around enjoying Miami’s fur-friendly amenities, let’s check out some of the names of this city's divos and divas you might run into. Here are the top dog names you will find among this bustling city's canine population.

#1 Luna

Luna is the Spanish word for 'moon.' This pawtastic name will get the boys to howling! Her light will shine and light up Miami's dog-friendly beaches and parks!

#2 Max

The name Max can be either a girl or boy's name.  Strong and affectionate, this pup will rule Miami with the strength they hold inside. All others step aside!

#3 Daisy

Friendly and cheerful, this flower name was originally a nickname for Margaret. Let your gorgeous girl bloom even more by treating her to a pampering session at one of the city's furbulous dog spas!
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#4 Bella

Bella means 'beautiful' and is perfect for any female pup who loves to be at her best. Ready to hit the town, a Miami shopping excursion will be top on her favorite things to do!

#5 Coco

Coco is the perfect name for your petite little pup, reminiscent of a French baby's name! She will always be the one to cuddle, and will often have Miami's residents attention!

#6 Oreo

This snack-inspired moniker is suitable for both male and female doggos. Life in Miami sure is sweeter when you have a pawsome pal by your side!

#7 Milo

Handsome and cool-sounding, Milo means "merciful soldier." Your stylish pup would love hearing his name as he wags along the city's dog parks and beaches!

#8 Lucy

Your little pup-girl will be proud to sport her name meaning ‘of light.’  Lucy will always shine as bright as the sun does almost every day in the city of Miami.

#9 Nala

Best known as a character in The Lion King, Nala means "successful" in many African languages. This furrific name is best suited for female pups who aren't afraid to go after what they want, such as their favorite treats!

#10 Lola

Sweet and lovely, and just like from the famous song, be ready to give Lola anything she wants. From shopping to pup treats, your pup will find it all in Miami!