Top 8 Farm Dog Breeds for Living in the Country

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All dogs would probably enjoy the country life. Hunting, fishing, swimming, and chasing squirrels and rabbits are all fun for your fur buddy, no matter what the breed. However, there are some certain breeds that are bred just for living in the country, such as those that herd or protect livestock, hunting dogs, and those that like to catch those barn critters like rats and other vermin. Some dogs would rather stay at home and sit in your lap all day instead of running around the farm, but here are the top breeds that are furfect for living in the country.

Old English Sheepdog

Bred to be a sheep herder, their name says it all. The Old English Sheepdog loves to herd sheep, cattle, goats, chickens, and anything else that looks like it needs herding. When they aren’t herding or protecting, they are just as happy hanging out with you no matter what you are doing.

Border Collie

This medium-sized ball of energy is so intelligent and alert that they don’t really need to be told what to do with a herd of animals no matter what they are. In fact, you may find them trying to herd your children. They’re also happy to run around playing if you don’t have any herds.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Also known as the Swissy, these pawsome pooches live to herd whatever you may happen to have on your property, including other dogs, cats, and children. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is also a gentle giant and makes a wonderful family pet, protecting you, your children and home from anyone.
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Rat Terrier

You won’t have to worry about rats or other vermin eating the grain and other food in the barn if you have a Rat Terrier around. These little poochies are pawsome at hunting and catching any kind of rodents around the farm, including your home and yard. They also make great family pets and love kids.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is another herder, but they’re also excellent at tracking and hunting. They need plenty of exercise, so the country is a good place to let them run. They do need to have a job, so if you don’t have a herd, find something they can do, or they may herd your friends and family.

Australian Cattle Dog

If you have cattle to take care of, leave it to the Australian Cattle Dog. After all, that is what they were bred to do since the 1800s. They’re fearless, intelligent, and love working, so they are pawfect for herding and guarding cattle or anything else you have to herd.

Fox Terrier

These tiny Terriers are great hunters and will find and flush out that fox, rabbit, or anything else you want to hunt. Just leave it to them to find the prey, and they will hold it captive in its den and bark until you come for them. Hunting with the Fox Terrier is easy and fun.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a great protector. With a brave and strong attitude to go with their large muscular body, these big dogs will keep the herd and your home safe from harm. They also have thick, warm coats to keep them warm while outside in the cooler weather, and they’re gentle with children too.