Top 10 Companion Dog Breeds

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If you are looking for a companion of the canine variety, you have lots of choices. But the task may not be so daunting after all. Start by making a list of qualities you want in a fur-ever friend and the characteristics you need. By then, you should be able to know if you want a pup to travel, hike or swim with, or one that will accompany you everywhere you go. What if you’re a home-body? There’s a special dog waiting just for you. Look at this Top 10 Companion Dog Breed list to help you narrow down your pawtastic search!

Bichon Frise

The Bishon Frise is a fancy, small pup best suited for someone who would like to take them everywhere. They travel well in a car, plane or even a small handbag and are happy all the time. Well-suited for a changing environment, you can go to the store or out-of-town and the Bichon will gladly accompany you with a smile on her face.

Border Collie

Are you an active family looking for a companion to share the fun? The Border Collie might make the perfect pup for you. This medium-sized dog is large on energy and rarely wears out before you do! Lots of colors to choose from and a smiling face to boot, this pup has it all. Don’t be surprised if this herding dog rounds up the children!


Needing a stout and sturdy pup to accompany you on your daily route? This smooth-coated, medium-sized pup will protect you while hiking or jogging with his fearless energy and strong attachment to people. They are beautiful dogs that don’t wear out easily. Take them anywhere you go, and they will be happy. They are great companions for older folks too.

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If you are looking for a companion who can lounge around or take it slow, the Bulldog is the pup to have! This short and stout dog is super loving and his wrinkly skin gives him cute features. He doesn’t require much fuss, and with a go-as-you-are mentality, this one will most likely lie on the floor and want to be petted.


If you need a companion and don’t have much space, this tiny friend will steal your heart. This toy breed is suited to be carried around, but is big on attitude when on the ground! Smooth or long-coated, either make the perfect companion for shopping or plane trips. Plan your next getaway with the Chihuahua by your side!

Cocker Spaniel

Sports anyone? This sporting breed is a great companion as they seem to thrive on attention. You cannot pet this one enough, and the kisses will never end in their appreciation. This medium-small size pup will enjoy a run in the park, a trip in the car or a snooze on the couch. Either way, he will be your fur-ever friend.

Golden Retriever

‘Goldies’ as they are called, are true friends in every aspect of the word. They are a do-it-all dog that’s loving, gentle, kind and friendly. Many use this dog in therapy work as they love companionship and want to share their sweet nature with the world. Perfect for a family environment or a single person, this pup will find a special place in your heart.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is smooth-coated and perfect for people who want a companion without a lot of fuss.  They are the hardy but happy-go-lucky sort of pup who makes a true friend for one, or an entire family. If you like to swim, good luck keeping him on the shore. This water-loving pup will gladly stay by your side and won’t want to dry off!

Miniature Schnauzer

Wanting a small dog with a big heart? The Miniature Schnauzer is a hunter by nature, but a companion in his heart.  Friendly is his middle name but is protective just the same. He wants to please and will eagerly follow you everywhere. Take this pup on a trip, or have him by your side to watch TV. Either will make him very happy indeed.


Poodle people love their dogs! And rightly so. They are extremely friendly and loving, and can charm even the most cat-loving person around! No matter where you live or what you want to do, there is a poodle pup just for you. Three sizes to choose from make them the perfect companion for any purpose. Their non-shedding fur is a big bonus!