Top 15 White Dog Names

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The rule of thumb when looking for a worthy moniker for your pup is to go for a name that is short, unforgettable, and fitting their personality. The tricky part for some is that they just do not have enough time to learn their doggy’s personality. Others may be just too eager to name their pooch, or just do not see themselves waiting to see what stand-out trait manifests in their doggy’s personality. There is a simple solution to this predicament. Name your doggy based on how they look, such as the color of their fur.

Let’s say you have a white colored pup. What things can you associate with the color white? Remember, the best monikers for your pooch will be names that are short and easily recognizable. Using the color itself in different languages is cute, as well as other associated words. To get you started on your journey to the pawrfect name for your light colored furry friend, here are the top fifteen white dog names that we found. 


The word winter and white almost go hand in hand. Winter is indeed not just a short and catchy word, but a beautiful moniker for your pooch as well. 


Another catchy word that reminds almost everyone of the cold white winter is the word ice. There are not too many words shorter than this three-letter word that is also a pawfect name for a white doggy. 


If you have already identified a spirited trait in your white pups’ personality, then there are few words more fitting and woofderful than the name Frosty.  

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If you know that your pup’s breed is one of the hefty kind like a Great Pyrenees or a Dogo Argentino, then Blizzard is an excellent name for them. Blizzard is synonymous with a huge white deluge of snow and ice. 


If your pup is a small white breed, like a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, or Maltese, an adorable name for your pooch is snowy or snowball   


Another pawtacular name for a white pup from a big dog breed is the word Polar, as in Polar bear. The moniker is even more fitting for a large dog that is fluffy and white.


Maybe you don’t want to associate your pooch with the cold, but are thinking about warm and cuddly, like your new pup. What better or more fitting name could you think of than Buttermilk.


The moon has an iridescent white glow. If you are thinking of a short, catchy, and an unforgettable name then Luna, another word for moon, is a pawfect moniker for your pooch.


Another name on this list that can be used to associate with a white furball of a dog is the word cloud. Cloud can also be used to identify a doggy that you may already have identified as being temperamental like the cloudy weather.


Bolt is a popular dog moniker that gained notoriety after the medium-sized, heroic pooch in the Disney Animation. If you don’t know about the animation, then just think about a white bolt of lightning. 


Alaska is an excellent name for your pooch not only because the state is mostly full of white snow, but this pawtastic American state represents the freedom and peace of diverse terrain and wildlife.  


Topped with buckets of white snow, Mount Everest is also one of the highest points on the planet. The word is also catchy for a white pup that you want to associate with greatness.


If one glance at your pup makes you feel and say Awww, then there is no word sweeter than the word sugar.


A word that describes something small, white and precious is the word pearl. It is also a pawsome name for a small, white precious pooch. 


Another gemstone that is sometimes milky white in color is the Opal gemstone, for your one in a million furry pal.