Top 11 Dog Breeds for Home Protection

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What kind of dog breeds are best for home protection? Is size the most important characteristic or aggressiveness? Bravery and loyalty are definitely important, as well as their furociousness and alertness. And while you want a dog that will be there to protect you and the family, often you need a pup that will not be aggressive or snappy to your and yours. If you also want your dog to be a companion pet, they should be gentle and loving toward you and the kids, and be able to play well with others. Here are the top 11 dog breeds for home protection.


The Rottweiler was bred to guard cattle and the family, and with their size of about 100 pounds, they can be furocious beasts when they need to. However, they still know how to be lovable pets and understand when it is time to be gentle and sweet with kids and other animals.

Doberman Pinscher

Often used as military guards or to protect royalty, the Doberman Pinscher has been protecting people since the late 1800s. This furfectly trained pooch is of medium size, but is all muscle with a sleek coat that doesn’t require much grooming. They’re also great family pets that can adapt well anywhere.


If you cannot decide between the first two dogs, why not get a Rotterman, which is a combination of both? With the size of a Rottie and intelligence of a Dobie, the Rotterman is furocious while being easy to train. These pawesome pooches are also lovable and cuddly while being brave and protective.
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German Shepherd

This breed has been being used in the military and for police work since the 1800s all over the world, and is known for their bravery and knack for knowing who to chase and who to love. The German Shepherd is also a gentle and sweet family pet and loves to be brushed.

Doberman Shepherd

This hybrid breed is a furfect mixture of the Doberman and the German Shepherd, so they are not just courageous and clever, but energetic, muscular, and fast too. They can keep up with you and other dogs while also keeping an eye out for trouble, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Rottie Shepherd

Another designer dog, the Rottie Shepherd is part Rottweiler and part German Shepherd. These beautiful pups are not just smart and brave but can be tender and funny too. They are large dogs with a thick coat that keeps them warm outside in the cold weather and a cuddly personality to boot.

American Pitbull Terrier

This breed is stocky and built like a tank with a massive head and mouth that just gives them a furocious look, even though they are cuddly fur babies at home. This pawesome pooch knows who to love and who to chase away, and they are courageous enough to protect you from anything.


This hybrid is a combo of the Rottweiler and American Pitbull Terrier with the best features of both. They can be superior guard dogs while also being loving companions for families with or without kids and other pets. They’re protective and smart, as well as snuggly and affectionate with the family.

Doberman Pit

The Doberman Pit is another hybrid, and this one has the speed and agility of a Doberman with the strength and courage of an American Pitbull Terrier. They make great pawdyguards as well as excellent furiends, and their short, sleek coat is easy to care for and does not shed much.

Shepherd Pit

This gorgeous canine is a mix of the German Shepherd and the American Pitbull Terrier, so they have the best of both breeds. While they are superior fighters and brave adversaries, they can also be your best furiend furever. Protective as well as loyal, the Shepherd Pit is a great choice.

Akita Inu

This dog was bred to be a fighting dog and was used to hunt bear and wild boar, so they are definitely full of bravery and strength. They also love people and other pets and can be very cuddly and fun. They clean themselves like cats, so you don’t have to groom them much either.