Top 11 Dog Breeds for Home Protection

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What kind of dog breeds are best for home protection? Is size the most important characteristic or aggressiveness? Bravery and loyalty are definitely important, as well as their furociousness and alertness. And while you want a dog that will be there to protect you and the family, often you need a pup that will not be aggressive or snappy to your and yours. If you also want your dog to be a companion pet, they should be gentle and loving toward you and the kids, and be able to play well with others. Here are the top 11 dog breeds for home protection.

#1 Rottweiler

The Rottweiler was bred to guard cattle and the family, and with their size of about 100 pounds, they can be furocious beasts when they need to. However, they still know how to be lovable pets and understand when it is time to be gentle and sweet with kids and other animals.

#2 Doberman Pinscher

Often used as military guards or to protect royalty, the Doberman Pinscher has been protecting people since the late 1800s. This furfectly trained pooch is of medium size, but is all muscle with a sleek coat that doesn’t require much grooming. They’re also great family pets that can adapt well anywhere.

#3 German Shepherd

This breed has been being used in the military and for police work since the 1800s all over the world, and is known for their bravery and knack for knowing who to chase and who to love. The German Shepherd is also a gentle and sweet family pet and loves to be brushed.
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#4 American Pitbull Terrier

This breed is stocky and built like a tank with a massive head and mouth that just gives them a furocious look, even though they are cuddly fur babies at home. This pawesome pooch knows who to love and who to chase away, and they are courageous enough to protect you from anything.

#5 Belgian Malinois

Smart, strong, and confident, the Belgian Malinois is pawfectly suited to protect your home. Their eagerness to please their people and aloofness towards strangers make them highly sought after as police and military K9s around the world. Mals form unbreakable bonds with their humans, making them puptastic four-legged members of the family.

#6 Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a dog that no intruder would want to cross paths with. Strong, alert, and fearless, these imposing canines were bred to catch poachers in Merry Old England. Today, they're beloved members of the family. Bullmastiffs are actually very docile when they're with their humans, but as with any large guard dog, early training and socialization are essential.

#7 Giant Schnauzer

Despite having a cartoon-like appearance, the Giant Schnauzer takes the role of loyal canine companion very seriously. A highly protective and territorial breed, Giants love their people and feel a great responsibility to keep them safe. These extremely intelligent dogs also learn quickly and are able to distinguish between friend and foe.

#8 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one dog that you would want on your side. Originally bred to fight, this muscular, but agile dog is fearless and tenacious. With early training and socialization, Staffies make woofderful additions to the family. They're known to be patient with kids and only aggressive when protecting their humans.

#9 Appenzeller Sennenhund

Though smaller than other guard dog breeds, the Appenzeller Sennenhund possesses all the qualities to keep you and your loved ones safe. They are muscular, agile, intelligent, courageous, and suspicious of strangers, making them furrific watchdogs who cannot be bribed. Originally bred to herd cattle in Switzerland, Appenzellers do not do well in apartments and need lots of space for their boundless energy.

#10 Puli

Don't be fooled by the Puli's silly appearance, for beneath all those natural dreadlocks is a compact and powerful dog who's ready to protect their family. Bred to herd large flocks of sheep in Hungary, Pulik are alert and suspicious, and will bark when they see anything out of the ordinary.

#11 Akita Inu

This dog was bred to be a fighting dog and was used to hunt bear and wild boar, so they are definitely full of bravery and strength. They also love people and other pets and can be very cuddly and fun. They clean themselves like cats, so you don’t have to groom them much either.