Top Dog Trails near New York City, NY

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It's no secret the Big Apple loves their pups! With so many dog parks and dog-friendly restaurants, these city dogs are definitely living the high life! New York City's pupulation loves walkies around the block or through the nearest pocket park to do what they "doo," but all dogs can get cabin fever when they don't get to put some mileage on their legs. Fur-tunately for them and their two-legged hairless friends, the New York area boasts many trails, urban and wild, where they can shed their tension and feel better about the world, maybe even the postman!

#10 South County Trailway

This paved rail-trail in Yonkers, New York stretches 14 miles past ponds and through woods. You'll meet bicyclists during the morning and evening commute, so be sure to stay to the right with your leashed pooch. Nearby traffic noise on the Saw Mill Parkway may distract you, but a natural fence of trees and brush insulate walkers from that, making for a calm hike while your fur-buddy "reads" the air for abundant wildlife.

#9 Piermont Pier

Once known as "Last Stop USA" because this was a troop embarkation point during WWII, the Piermont Pier is now a pawrfect spot for a stroll with your leashed fur-baby deep into the Hudson River channel. The Hudson is a tidal river so the shoreline changes, but furtastic views of the Tappan Zee Bridge and the pawsome mountains and palisades lining the river are always impressive. Seagulls and hawks capture Fido's interest as they swoop down looking for fish.

#8 High Bridge Trail

For over 40 years, the historical High Bridge was unsafe to use, but it's been refurbished! New Yorkers and their ever-willing pupsters can now walk from Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood over the Harlem River to Highbridge in the Bronx! Not only does this provide easy, non-motorized access for commuters, but it's a furtastic place to just walk and enjoy the view! Only 2 miles long, this trail is open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, is well-lit and pawsome!
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#7 Long Path Trail Along the Hudson

Reserve a day to explore this 13-mile trail that winds along the Hudson River and the top of the rocky Palisades on the New Jersey side of the Hudson. A portion hugs the busy Palisades Parkway, so be sure to get a good grip on Fido's tether. A long set of stone stairs provides access between the Palisades and the river, and a large boulder field means some scrambling, but the views are pawsome!

#6 Liberty Walkway

This trail is inside Liberty State Park on Upper New York Bay in Jersey City, NJ. Views of lower Manhattan, Ellis Island and Liberty Island's massive Statue of Liberty will inspire you as you stroll the walkway. Doggos love the easy 3-mile hike and the other pooches you'll meet, but must be polite and stay attached to you on a leash. Benches sit waiting for a contemplative moment or water-break.

#5 Brooklyn Bridge Walk

The Brooklyn Bridge, made an icon on September 11, 2001 when it carried millions of people out of lower Manhattan, is now the pawrfect place to take a stroll. If you want to do this pupular bucket list item with your pooch, remember that the bridge carries speeding bikes and cars, too. Walking from Brooklyn toward Manhattan, you're treated to a pawsome view of the skyline, while Fido tracks the swooping seagulls.

#4 Hudson River Greenway

The Hudson River Greenway passes through several parks on its 13-mile trip from Battery Park at Manhattan's southern tip to the George Washington Bridge in Washington Heights. Inarguably an urban trail, it nevertheless passes through grassy, tree-lined knolls where your furpup might spy deer and other animals. Small inclines will make your heart pump, but the paved trails are kind to the pup's paws and easy on your shoe-covered ones.

#3 Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail

The Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail in Massapequa on Long Island is a 15-mile dog-friendly trail that will thrill your pup as well as yourself! A walk into and out of woodland, views of a reservoir, ponds, wetlands, all with their typical wildlife hanging about, are sure to please. A 7-trunk tree near Massapequa Creek will furscinate you, and wooden footbridges across a pond inlet and streams will pull you closer to the waterfowl and amphibians lurking about. Pawsitively woofderful!

#2 Inwood Hill Park Blue Trail

The longest of the 3 trails in Inwood Hill Park, the Blue Trail is pawrfect for a meander through New York City's last remaining wild forest with your furvorite pup in tow on a leash. Almost 2 miles long, Blue Trail's paved surface travels through pawsome Overlook Meadow with its views of the New Jersey Palisades. Wildflowers, birds and exotic animals like salamanders and flying squirrels will pique your canine's interest as you enjoy the views!

#1 Central Park Trails

The massive Central Park in Manhattan offers 58 miles of trails, and so much green space for you and your pup to explore. While not all the trails are pup-friendly, there are many spots that are. Check out the forested North Woods for some heart pumping paths. The Ramble in the southern part of the park offers hikes through lush vegetation. Keep on eye on the signs, and customize a trek pawfect for your pup in the heart of the Big Apple!